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Data Privacy Policy

Responsible for the contents of this websites is

systemticks GmbH
Hauptstraße 48
D-92431 Neunburg vorm Wald

Executives/authorized representatives: Raphael Geissler, Torsten Mosis, Sebastian König

To reach out to us, please write to hello@systemticks.de

Collection of data

This site is hosted on https://www.united-domains.de servers. We do not have access to server logs that reveal the data that is collected during your visit. united-domain’s privacy policy is likely to apply to some extent: https://www.united-domains.de/unternehmen/datenschutz/

It is very likely, that your IP address, browser information, information about your operating system and time and duration of your visit are recorded, because they are necessary to provide the webpages to you.

We as systemticks do not collect any personal data. As of now, we did not include any contact form, newsletter registration, social media or analytics services.

We also do not use cookies.